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 Patterns and colours in Nature

Patterns and colours in Nature

144 Stephen Street
Yarraville Victoria 3013

+61 03 96878493

Deborah was born in 1960 in Rome where she grew up surrounded by centuries of culture. There were two strong influences on her; the love of art and the seductive allure of the sixties culture in film and fashion. Her paternal grandfather (a retired architect) would share with her his love of drawing through his archives of architectural studies for mansions he would never build, and her maternal grandfather introduced her to the glamour of the Cinema, having worked with stars like Fellini on the making of La Dolce Vita.

<blockquote>“Love of beauty came easily to me in these surroundings, I would draw constantly, and in my flights of fancy I would daydream that one day my drawings would come to life “</blockquote>

Clothing in the early 1960’s in  Rome were still more made to measure than ready to wear .She observed as her father had his suits tailored and her mother had special occasion outfits designed and manufactured by a dressmaker “I loved the process of having clothes especially made for me by a skilled dressmaker…..,my mother choosing the fabrics and details, the dressmaker adjusting  the design throughout  the fittings , watching the dress take form, and finally, the joy of  wearing  the prettiest party dress that puffed out like a cloud when I jumped !

Sixties fashions were colourful and brave and Deborah enjoyed the self expression they gave her. “My first love was a pair of bright orange suede shoes and the matching pinafore featured in the specialist children’s boutique “she recalls. Ready to wear clothing in department stores began to cater specifically for different age groups.

In 1970 the family moved to Australia and a new phase began. Fashions in Melbourne were very basic with little variety with the exception of the House of Merivale where Deborah would spend her precious pocket money on glam 70’s fashions. Retaining a European outlook and sensibility Deborah applied herself to the study of Fine art in painting before embarking on an Art Degree specifically in Fashion at RMIT.

Graduating in 1985 she worked for various companies designing and manufacturing for the day to evening wear market. The overseas travel associated with her work rekindled an awareness of global style, reminding her of the universal love of beauty in its many forms.

In 1994 Deborah launched her own label, based at her Yarraville studio to cater for a growing private clientele and the demands of her family. The flexible working hours allowed her to spend time with her new baby and grew the business slowly.

The first Bridal collection was shown in conjunction with the reopening of The Sun Theatre in 1994.The parade featured a range of designs based on corsetry with the emphasis on hourglass shape and volumes of petticoats .

In 1997 The Deborah Selleck showroom was opened in Ballarat Street Yarraville, The two storey  Federation Style building was to be the setting for three more collections and fashion parades over the next ten years. The parades showcased the evolving style of the Deborah Selleck Couture label towards a sophisticated sleek elegance that had more to do with cinema glamour than bridal maringues.

Setting a trend for sleeker more figure defining bridal gowns Deborah Selleck designs remain timeless classics .The business outgrew its Ballarat Street premises and in 2007 moved to a larger store in the nearby suburb of Seddon.

The new location at 144 Stephen Street has a sunlit showroom where clients can enjoy  the new designs in comfort and style.


Big Review Tv: Deborah Selleck Reviews!

Deborah Selleck

Recently, our Yarraville wedding dress studio was visited by Bessie Kay of Big Review Tv! Feeling every inch the celebrity, we showed Bessie around our bridal gown studio and chatted to her about Deborah's couture wedding dress designs!

Of course, Bessie did not miss the opportunity to try on a few of our couture wedding dresses, and who can blame her? Our studio is always a luxe paradise of European lace, pearl details and of course, racks of designer wedding dresses!

Watch the video above to see behind the scenes in our bridal gown studio, and to see what Bessie had to say in her Deborah Selleck Review!  

And here are some behind the scenes shots from the day! Model Lillie Anna wears our Peony Rose scarlet red wedding dress, which walked the runway at Fashion Palette New York Fashion Week. While, Bessie wears our 60s inspired black wedding dress design, which also debuted at New York Fashion Week.

Such a fun day of playing dressup and talking fashion! Thanks to Bessie Kay and Big Review Tv. 

Our Bride Profile: Makaila

Deborah Selleck

At Deborah Selleck, we love inspirational women. And the women who inspire us most are our clients.

Which is why we're thrilled to introduce a new blog feature - Our Bride Profiles - an uplifting look into the lives of our unique brides, and a glimpse at the Deborah Selleck gown design process. 

Today we'd like to introduce you to Makaila Antonello. Now a successful pilates trainer, Makaila dared to leave the security of her superannuation career behind, to pursue her fitness dream and answered that age old question: "What would my life be like if I quit my job and followed my dreams?"

Our interview below touches on Makaila's journey from finance to fitness - and how that gorgeous gold wedding dress came to be!

So Makaila, I hear you're on a personal journey - what has it been like switching careers to follow your dreams?

At first scary and nerve-racking. I was fearful of what may happen, or that I had made the biggest mistake. As I continue deeper into my pilates journey, the less scary it feels and the happier I am that I took the risk of embarking on a totally new journey - a journey towards my passion.

And what was it that drew you to the world of fitness?

Wanting to live a life feeling strong, healthy, fit and vibrant. I have always made exercise and eating healthy a priority - it's not a chore for me, it is a part of who I am and it makes me feel amazing. Exercise releases endorphins that I just can't get enough of!!

And now for that gorgeous gold gown - What was it like working with Deborah to create your dream bridal gown?

An absolute breeze and not to mention a lot of FUN! I wanted a dress that was tailor made and to be able to add my own personal touch. [Deborah's] quirky and chirpy personality made me feel very at ease and stress free. 

What was your favourite part of the wedding dress design process? And what did it feel like to wear your Deborah Selleck gown on the big day?

Trying on the gown at each stage to see the progress, and adding my own ideas at each stage. [It felt] Absolutely amazing!! Like how every bride should feel!!!!

Thanks Makaila!

To learn more about Makaila's journey, follow her on instagram @pilates_instructor_journey

A/W Lookbook Photoshoot -
Lace Wedding Dresses Meet Wind and Rain

Deborah Selleck

If you're tired of hearing us talk, talk, talk about our beautiful shoot with Duuet Wedding Photography, you'll be happy to know that the shots are finally here!

A month ago, we collaborated with the candid wedding photography specialists, Duuet, to design a photoshoot which captured the dreamy mood of the lace wedding dresses in our collection this season!

The images were shot in our studio, but also outdoors in Deb's beloved Yarraville - namely at the Sun Theatre and the adjoining Pop Up Park. Though in true Melbourne style, the weather did not deliver - our models bravely faced freezing temperatures and waves of sweeping rain to create some truly beautiful images. 

We're so happy with the final shots of our models in the lace wedding dresses Deborah has designed for this season, and we hope you enjoy your look at our favourite shots above.

Shoot Credits:

Couture Wedding DressesDeborah Selleck Bridal & Evening Couture
Photography: Duuet Wedding Photography
Hair: Elastic Hair & Makeup
Makeup: Elle Parker Makeup
Jewellery: Elysian Creations
Models: Lille Anna, Rose Muller and Levi Hauwert (Vivienne Models)

Erte's Art Deco Bride - Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress Collaboration

Deborah Selleck

There's nothing quite like the Gatsby era for wedding inspiration - the timeless elegance, the glittering style, and the shimmering sense of fun of the 1920s, is simple the perfect place to turn when looking for beautiful bridal ideas.

So when it came to inspiration for our A/W 2015 collection
and our collaboration with vintage inspired bridal accessories designer, Anna K of Elysian Creations - we knew exactly which 
decade to turn to.

Featured in our lookbook, our unique collaboration with Elysian Creations combines an Art Deco inspired wedding dress design by Deborah, with a custom made body jewelry piece - and it is certainly one of the standout pieces from the collection! 

This collaborative design was inspired by the work of renowned French/Russian Art Deco designer and illustrator, Erté, whose unique artworks perfectly captured the elegant yet riotous spirit of the 1920s.

Below we have created a collection of some of Erté's artworks, which inspired our latest vintage inspired wedding dress design, as well as images of the design itself, from our shoot with Duuet Weddings, as worn by model Lillie Anna.


Vintage Inspired Wedding Dress Design: Deborah Selleck Bridal & Evening Couture
Body Jewelry Design: Elysian Creations
Photography: Duuet Wedding Photography
Hair: Elastic Hair & Makeup
Makeup: Elle Parker Makeup
Model: Lille Anna

Luxury Bridal Event - Our Highlights From The Fair

Deborah Selleck

Last weekend, Deborah and her gowns graced the Luxury Bridal Fair in Melbourne, and the event was a fun filled success!

With over 160 of the best bridal retailers under one roof, and bridal fashion shows running 3 times a day, the Luxury Bridal Fair is always a great opportunity to show Melbourne the latest in bridal fashion and trends, and this year was no exception.

This year, Deborah once again ran her stall in the couture fashion section, and with the help of gorgeous model, Rose Muller, unveiled the designs from her latest collection, and chatted to curious brides to be about each style. These stunning gowns, which take inspiration from the past with their vintage inspired silhouettes or touches of vintage lace, also graced the runway at the bridal couture runway show (see our beautiful video below).

This time, Deborah was also offered the exciting opportunity of running her own Master Class on bridal trends, which was a great success! Touching on the new craze for effortless glamour, and vintage touches, Deborah's talk explored what inspires us from the past, and how that influences our style today. 

To see our favourite highlights from the day, see our runway video below, or our gallery of the best moments from the Luxury Bridal Event! 

Behind The Scenes - Couture Bridal Fashion Shoot

Deborah Selleck

Last Tuesday, we collaborated with Melbourne wedding photographers, Duuet Wedding Photography, for a bridal fashion shoot and we couldn't be more happy with the results!

Two new lace wedding dress designs were unveiled at the shoot, including a gorgeous long sleeve wedding dress worn by model Rose, and a Great Gatsby wedding dress, which was inspired by the glamour of the Art Deco period. This lace wedding dress look, worn by model Lillie, also featured the bridal jewellery piece we designed with the help of Anna K of Elysian Creations, which was inspired by the work of 1920s illustrator, Erte. 

The bridal fashion shoot took place right near our studio, in Yarraville, and our models braved wind and rain to create some truly beautiful shots. Below is a collection of images from the set, which gives you an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the day. Stay tuned to this blog for the finished shots!

Shoot Credits:

Couture Wedding DressesDeborah Selleck Bridal & Evening Couture
Photography: Duuet Wedding Photography
Hair: Elastic Hair & Makeup
Makeup: Elle Parker Makeup
Jewellery: Elysian Creations
Models: Lille Anna, Rose Muller and Levi Hauwert (Vivienne Models)

Beautiful Backless Wedding Dresses

Deborah Selleck

One of our favourite inspirations is to mix the classic shape of vintage wedding dresses, with a modern twist, and there is no more beautiful way to do this than with a beautiful low back bridal gown.

A favourite with our brides, the backless wedding dress is a timeless classic which allows you to show off some skin on the day, in a very elegant way. It is really one of the best options if you're looking for a sexy wedding dress, that is still suitable to wear while celebrating with family and friends.

To celebrate this favourite style, we have put together an album of some of our most beautiful backless wedding dresses, from lace back wedding dresses, to low back wedding bridal gowns and even some backless wedding dresses. All bridal gowns by Deborah Selleck Bridal & Evening Couture. 

Gatsby Girl
- 1920s Wedding Inspiration

Deborah Selleck

For a timeless wedding, there is no greater inspiration than a beautiful period of the past. So it's no surprise that some stylish brides are looking towards the 1920s for new wedding decor ideas.

Whether they're translating accents of gold into a gorgeously glittering wedding decor design, or slipping into a slinky, vintage inspired wedding dress, a Gatsby Girl is always gorgeous and a great source of wedding inspiration.

The timeless glamour of the 1920s has also inspired the designs of many of Deborah Selleck's couture bridal dresses so to celebrate, we have compiled an album of inspiration. From our favourite art deco wedding decor ideas to a collection of our most beautiful vintage inspired wedding dresses, there is an Art Deco idea to inspire all.

Nature I Am Your Bride - Nature Wedding Inspiration

Deborah Selleck

Years ago, the words 'ideal wedding location' referred to a beautiful church, a function room or even, the restaurant or bar of your choice. But today, brides like the beautiful Monika, (above) are making natural wedding locations their first choice. Better yet, they're letting the beauty of nature inspire their entire wedding decor.

Here at Deborah Selleck, we love the beauty of nature and find it inspires the designs of our couture wedding dresses. To embrace this bridal trend, we have gathered the most inventive, inspiring and exquisite natural wedding decor, rustic wedding location and natural bride ideas.

Click arrows next to images to navigate gallery.